Research Questions and Results

Articles used for this research were obtained from The Library of Hattiesburg, Petal, and Forrest County.  Microform for Hattiesburg’s newspaper, The Hattiesburg American, and copies were reviewed.  Stories relating to James Meredith’s entrance to Ole Miss were printed.  Ten articles were obtained that were between published between May 31, 1961 and October 3, 1962.

1. Were the headlines biased against segregation, biased supporting segregation, or objective?
( 20% positive, 30% negative, 50% neutral)

2. Did the majority of the stories run on page one above or below the fold?
(100% on first page)

3. Was the tone the writer used positive, negative, or neutral?
(20% positive, 10% negative, 70% neutral)

4. Were the first three paragraphs of the article positive, negative, or neutral?
(40% negative, 60% neutral)

5. Did the photographs presented depict violence or non-violence?
(20% violence, 30% non-violent, 100% no photo)


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